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Week 5 Reading Notes: Twenty-Two Goblins Part B

The Girl and the Thief

  • Jewel (a merchant), his wife Pleasing, and daughter Pearl lived in Ayodhya

  • Pearl was very beautiful; many people wanted to marry her (even kings), but she did not want to get married whatsoever

  • Ayodhya’s people are worried about a bunch of thieving; King Hero-Banner goes out at night with a sword to catch them

  • Meets a thief, and goes to a hidden house with him

  • Maid tells king it’s dangerous in the house, so king runs away; king gets soldiers to surround the house

  • Thief fights the soldiers, destroys the king’s army with his sword

  • King fights the thief himself, and captures him

  • Thief goes to be executed next morning; Pearl begs Jewel to save the thief because she loves him

  • Jewel asks for King for the thief’s release in exchange for everything he has

  • King refuses, Pearl bathes and goes to the thief’s death scene to die w/ him

  • Pearl and her family watch the thief get impaled and die

  • Pearl removes thief’s body from stake and wanted to burn herself

  • Shiva (god) rewards Pearl for being faithful to the thief

  • Pearl asks for Jewel to have 100 sons

  • Shiva tells Pearl to wish for more

  • Pearl wishes for thief to live and be a good man

  • Thief is revived; Jewel/Pearl/Thief family go home to celebrate

  • Thief/Pearl marry, happily ever after

  • Goblin asks King if the Thief cried or laughed when he saw the merchant/his daughter approach?

  • King says Thief wept with grief, and laughed in astonishment

The Four Brothers

  • King named Earth-boar rules Flower-city

  • Vishnuswami, a brahman, lives with wife Swaha and four sons

  • Vishnuswami dies, sons take some money and go see Grandfather in Sacrifice village

  • Grandfather is dead; they live with their uncles, uncles make fun of sons’ clothing/food

  • Eldest saw a corpse, saw that the corpse seemed happy, tried to hang himself

  • Someone frees the eldest from hanging and comforts him, Eldest tells this story to his siblings

  • Eldest says he will now burn himself at a Holy Place so he won’t feel the woes of poverty

  • Younger brothers tell him that money doesn’t buy happiness; Eldest needs to find something that makes him happy

  • Brothers agree to wander Earth; each will learn a different science

  • #1 learns to properly put flesh on any animal skeleton

  • #2 learns to put  hair and skin on a fleshed skeleton

  • #3 learns to put eyes and other organs into the skeleton

  • #4 learns to give the creature the breath of life

  • They decide to test their skills with a lion skeleton

  • They make a lion, lion kills them and runs into the forest (SHOCKER)

  • Goblin asks King who is most at fault for creating the lion

  • King says #4; he gave the breath of life, even after seeing that the supposed creature would be dangerous

Father and Son, Daughter and Mother

  • A king named Virtue lived in southern country

  • Moonlight, his wife, came from Malwa

  • Daughter named Beauty

  • Relatives planned to overthrow King when Beauty was grown up

  • Family flees kingdom, heading for FIL’s house in Malwa; spend night in Vindhya forest

  • Family comes for fortified village, full of robbers/murderers

  • King sees robbers coming for them, tells Moonlight/Beauty to run into the forest

  • King fought robbers, eventually dies; Robbers take jewels from him

  • Moonlight/Beauty run long way; rest by ashoka tree/lotus-pond

  • Father/Son (Fierce-lion/Strong-lion) are hunters; see the ladies’ footprints and follow them

  • Father tells Son he should marry one of the two

  • Son tells Father: “Son will marry the one with smaller feet. Father should marry the one with bigger feet” (Son’s Mom passed away)

  • Father/Son find Mother/Daughter at pond; girls almost run away in fear

  • Son marries Mother bc she has smaller feet; Father marries Daughter

  • Goblin asks King what relation Mother/Son’s children and Father/Daughter’s children would be

  • King cannot answer and walks away

  • Goblin is pleased by his character of walking away; Goblin tells King that Patience (a monk) he will soon encounter will try to kill the King

  • Goblin tells King to trick the monk into bowing, so King can cut off his head and claim magic power/fairies

Story Source: Twenty-Two Goblins, translated by Arthur W. Ryder

Lion chasing after the four brothers, via the Untextbook


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Week 5 Reading Notes: Twenty-Two Goblins Part A

  • Beautiful girl had three youths who wanted to marry her
  • Each ask for father’s blessing, said he would need time to decide who marries her

  • Three of them stayed around day/night

  • Daughter dies of fever, gets buried in cemetery; the three do different things to honor her

  • #1 builds hut, sleeps on bed of her ashes, begs for food

  • #2 went to dip her bones in the Ganges

  • #3 become monk, travelling different countries 

  • Monk goes to house of a Brahman, has dinner w/ him

  • Monk sees a mom throw son into a fire, then Brahman brings boy back to life

  • Monk steals book at night, hoping to revive the daughter

  • #3 goes back, gathers #1/#2, brings daughter back to life

  • Goblin tells king to decide who her husband will be

  • King says “#3 acted like a father would, #2 acted like a son would, #1 acted like a husband would, so #1 should be her husband”

Food, Women, Cotton

  • Goblin tells king to decide who the cleverest of the three is in the following story

  • Brahman has three sons, each with specialties in different luxuries

  • #1’s specialty is food, #2 is women, #3 is cotton

  • They argue and go to the King of Conqueror to decide who’s best

  • Conqueror gives them large dinner, #1 complains that rice dish smells of smoke and corpse (rice was grown near crematorium, so Conqueror congratulates him)

  • At night, Conqueror sends a woman to #2’s room; #2 complains that she smells bad (woman reveals she drank goat’s milk as a baby instead of breast milk, so Conqueror congratulates him)

  • Conqueror gives #3 a bed of several nice quilts; #3 is deadly uncomfortable, claiming there is a hair under the quilts (has a mark on his side that looks like a hair)

  • A hair matching #3’s mark is found under all the quilts

  • Conqueror is impressed by all, gives each of them 100,000 gold pieces

  • King determines #3 is the cleverest (#1/#2 could have found out their tricks beforehand)

The Three Delicate Wives

  • Virtue-Banner, king of Ujjain, had three wives

  • Wives were named Crescent, Star, and Moon

  • Day of spring festival, they’re all playing in beautiful garden

  • VB playfully pulls Crescent’s hair, lotus petal falls

  • Crescent’s wounded; screams and faints

  • Servants tend to her, taken to the palace for remedy

  • VB is on balcony with Star

  • Star falls asleep, gets burned by moonbeams; servants tend to her

  • Moon leaves her room to go see VB

  • She can hear mortar/pestles grinding grain, is agonized by the noise

  • Servants take her back to room, she has bruises on hands

  • Servants give her cooling plaster of sandal-paste to help hands

  • King determines Moon is the most delicate; Crescent/Star had physical contact with their injuries, Moon did not

Story Source: Twenty-Two Goblins, translated by Arthur W. Ryder

“The Goblin in the Tree” via the Untextbook

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Week 4 Review

I thought the Breathing Recalibration Station would be very beneficial for many people. I try to take deep breaths to calm myself down, but sometimes I just end up freaking out and hyperventilating. Especially during this time of stress and uncertainty, it's much more difficult to stay calm, but doing breathing recalibration can be helpful. 

Breathing Recalibration Station, from Thursday's Course Announcements

The video of kids learning to use a typewriter was so cute! I personally have a general idea of how a typewriter works, but I too have never used one, and the video got me interesting in trying to use a typewriter myself. I watch FBE videos fairly often; I usually watch Teens React more than I watch Kids React, but I noticed one of the kids, Troy, in the video is also commonly seen in Teens React now. I actually found out as I was watching the video and looked him up on Wikipedia, but apparently he was also a contestant on MasterChef Junior when he was 12! I remember seeing a couple episodes of his season, but I never made that connection when I saw him on FBE.

"Kids React to Typewriters" via YouTube

Friday, September 18, 2020

Extra Credit Reading Notes: Nursery Rhymes

-Songs, Part 1
“1. I AM a gold lock.
2. I am a gold key.
1. I am a silver lock.
2. I am a silver key.
1. I am a brass lock.
2. I am a brass key.
1. I am a lead lock.
2. I am a lead key.
1. I am a monk lock.
2. I am a monk key!”
-Played in call-and-response
-#1 claims “I am” various things
-#2 says the same, but is the complement to the #1’s object (lock/key)
-#1 continues, changing the adjective, eventually using one that will make #2 look silly
-#2 falls for it, looking silly
-Can write something similar to make #2 say something else funny

“(Wikipedia: TOM, Tom, the piper's son,
Stole a pig, and away he run!
The pig was eat, and Tom was beat,
And Tom went roaring down the street.”
-Short and sweet rhyme
-Tom (the piper’s son) steals something 
-Can be modernized by changing the son’s name, the father’s job, and what the son steals

Source: The Nursery Rhyme Book edited by Andrew Lang and illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke (1897)

"Assorted Book in Book Shelf" via Unsplash

Storybook Plan

My Storybook Plan is fairly well explained in one of my previous blog posts. It includes information about the stories I am likely going to write for my Storybook this semester, as well as my sources for each story.

I think my Storybook will be an anthology of different stories. Each story revolves around different attractions in Disneyland, occurring to different people. Some stories will be told in a flashback mode, where people tell their stories to the media, which was then published in the newspaper the next day. Others will be told in a first person point of view. They will be describing the horrors they experienced while on various rides in the park. 

There are two main ideas I am looking to explore in my Storybook. Even a fun, delightful place that appears to be perfect in every way can have a dark side. There's always stuff going on behind the scenes that the general public don't know, and this Storybook will tell the horrors of what has happened or could happen. The other overarching idea I want to iterate through these stories is to just be careful and do your best to stay safe. While some bad things that happen in life are inevitable, like dying of old age or getting the flu, many people get hurt because they were doing stupid things and not thinking of their own safety. A large property, like an amusement park, will have its own set of dangers that, if you're not paying attention or being reckless, could end in a terrible accident.

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Week 4 Lab

"What is Myth?", via YouTube

I was interested in the working definition of the word “myth”. Today, myths are considered to be straight up lies. However, by the word origin of a myth, myths are simply stories. Myths get a negative connotation due to today’s common definition, but they can actually be very fun and teach important morals to those who read them. Another aspect I was interested in was the argued “requirements” for a story to be considered a myth. Some people claim that myths have to contain some sort of religious aspect to it. Others claim that the main characters in a myth must be Gods. In my opinion, myths shouldn’t be restricted to religion or some kind of “unbelievable” occurrence that only happened through some kind of otherworldly power. 

"Theories of Myth", via YouTube

The idea that Greek and Roman myths being influenced by demons was pretty crazy to me. However, I found myths affecting today’s societies very interesting. Bronislaw Malinowski’s work was fascinating. Myth, while seeming like symbolism, actually informs today’s cultures. Myths explain and solidify certain beliefs in people. Those beliefs then form the basis for the religion and the social norms that are prevalent throughout different cultures and societies. 

"The Hero's Journey and the Monomyth", via YouTube

The Monomyth was pretty interested to hear. Just like in every normal story, with an introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution, myths also follow their own basic timeline. Psychological struggles, in my opinion, would be more difficult than physical struggles. Physical struggles, like being injured or not being muscular enough, could be conquered relatively quicker than mental struggles. 

"Black and Red Typewriter" via Pexels

Week 5 Reading Notes: Twenty-Two Goblins Part B

The Girl and the Thief Jewel (a merchant), his wife Pleasing, and daughter Pearl lived in Ayodhya Pearl was very beautiful; many people want...